Manciu's 320 Main Street

Salon Barber and Spa


Eyebrow Wax

Lip Wax

Chin Wax 

Combination Wax: Eye, Lip, Chin

Eyebrow Design

Underarm Wax

Bikini Wax

French Bikini Wax

Brazilian (full removal, front to back)

Arms Wax (includes hands & fingers)

Half Arm Wax (below the elbow)

Hands and Fingers Wax

Full Legs Wax (includes feet & toes)

Half Legs Wax (below the knee)

Feet and Toes Wax

Chest Wax

Back Wax


















*Consultations provided with each service.

*All Prices subject to change based on length, density, and integrity of hair.